CHIP is a personal AI chatbot. You should hire him.

CHIP remembers everything you tell him, but all your conversations stay private. We never train CHIP with your data.

Your contact info will only be used to send CHIP related news. You may opt-out at any time.

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CHIP is well connected.

Always working, always up to date.

CHIP can read email and update your calendar

He can read your email and access the web so he has all the information he needs to answer questions.

CHIP can send and receive emails and texts

He has his own phone number and can reach out to people to ask them questions.

CHIP remembers every important detail

He listens and remembers information like addresses, friends names, and partner's birthdays.

100% Private
Each CHIP is individual

Simple, straightforward pricing.

No tiers, no levels, no limits.

Yearly(Get 2 months free!)


Your personal AI chatbot. Always working, up to date, 100% yours.

$490/ year
  • Powered by GPT-4
  • Fully GDPR Compliant
  • Cancel and delete any time
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